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7 skills to build an elevated mindset and amplify performance in any sport

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Jackson Pierce goes from hero to zero in four seconds. Despite an amazing performance against the cross-town rival, he can’t get past the last play that ends the season, one game short of the playoffs.  


Jess Whitlock is hired to improve the culture and mindset at Pine Lake High School. Too often, teams and individuals start strong, then fall apart when adversity or the pressure of the playoffs hit. Coach Whitlock and her father plan to use their experience as former Olympic bobsledders to bring fresh energy to the summer strength program. The new “Push the Sled” approach includes weighted sled workouts, which are proven to help athletes in all sports build strength. 


But a strong physical game is not enough. It also takes a strong mental game to compete. Unfortunately, the specifics on how to develop a strong mental game are rarely addressed. With the new coaching team, that will change, as the training program they bring challenges athletes to “Push the Sled” physically and mentally. By applying 7 Tactical Skills and practicing 12 Mental Drills, athletes at all levels will discover adversity is their advantage and pressure is a privilege.  


Dive into this fast-paced, compelling story filled with practical strategies to build an elevated mindset and amplify performance in any sport!

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Night Match
"The Hilliers crushed it! All I can say is, “Wow, this book is unreal!”  If you are ready to stop participating and start DOMINATING, read this book five times, master the skills, and do the drills. If you do, you will never be the same. It’s that simple. So quit settling for average, and start pushing the sled!"

- Brian Cain

Mental Performance Coach, author of several books including 1% Better. Brian’s Mental Performance Daily podcast is downloaded by thousands of people worldwide every day. 




Craig Hillier started his speaking career as a college student. Since 1990,

he has spoken to over two million people throughout the United States. 

His keynotes and leadership workshops are known to be upbeat, fun, and educational. 


The author of four books, Craig’s High School Sports Leaderbook is used throughout the country as curriculum to develop team leaders and captains


Craig and Kelly were married in 1989 and enjoy living a few minutes away from their adult children DJ and Abigayle.  They are over the top excited about becoming new grandparents. Just ask them! 



DJ Hillier has been transforming lives inside and outside of the fitness space for over a decade. He has competed at four regional CrossFit Competitions and one CrossFit Games alongside the top .01% of the fittest athletes in the world. 


DJ is the host of The Mindset Advantage Podcast, where he interviews leading experts in the fields of Leadership, Mindset, and Fitness. DJ takes his personal experience along with the wisdom from his podcast guests to groups nationwide. His high energy keynotes and hands-on workshops focus on training athletes to use their mind to their advantage. 


DJ’s mission is to serve others and help people at every level attack the gap from where they are to where they want to be.


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"push the sled will give you the principles and practices you need to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. get ready to step into the best version of yourself!"

-Matt Carpenter

World Series Champion and 3x MLB All Star

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"This book is a MUST READ for athletes looking to elevate their mental game and attack the gap between where they are now and where they want to be!"

- Sean Casey

3x MLB All-Star

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