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Meet dj hillier

Fitness Coach, Performance Optimization Coach, Speaker & Podcaster

DJ Hillier has been transforming lives inside and outside of the fitness space for over a decade. DJ has competed at four regional CrossFit Competitions and one CrossFit Games alongside the top  .01% in the world. DJ is also the Host of The Mindset Advantage Podcast where he interviews world leading experts in the fields of Leadership, Mindset, and Fitness.  DJ has now taken all of this wisdom from world’s highest achievers and has taken it on the road speaking and teaching High School student athletes how they can use their mind to their advantage. DJ’s mission is to serve others and help you attack the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

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DJ Hillier has been transforming lives inside and outside of the fitness space for over a decade. DJ’s mission is to serve others and help you attack the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.


DJ Hillier is a premier provider of mindset coaching, with an emphasis on developing self-control, discipline, habits, and routines of excellence, as well as self-confidence. Our one-on-one coaching will empower you to elevate in all areas of your life!


DJ Hillier's public speaking, mental performance, and mindset leadership services offer a unique mix of support and guidance enabling individuals to expand their communication skills, maximize their full potential, and overcome any difficulties on the way to success. His services are designed to help you reach meaningful and lasting progress in your personal and professional lives.


DJ Hillier is an experienced athlete and Personal Trainer based in Lakeville, MN. He offers both online and in-person coaching, helping clients of all fitness levels reach their goals. Whether you're looking for guidance to start your fitness journey, or motivated to take your training to the next level, DJ Hillier is your go-to Personal Trainer.


Mindset Advantage is a podcast for those looking to optimize their performance and reach their goals. Our host, a performance optimization coach and national speaker, dives deep into all aspects of mindset, leadership and fitness to help you achieve the life and career you’ve always wanted. Each episode features insightful conversations with industry leaders and experts, as well as practical tips and advice on how to create a life of abundance. Tune in today to start your journey to success.

The Mindset Advantage

The Mindset Advantage Podcast is a show dedicated to insightful conversations in a world full of sound bytes. Hosted by fitness coach, performance optimization coach, and national speaker DJ Hillier. These podcasts are designed to help you attack the gap: from where you are now to where you want to be. The episodes take a deep dive into leadership, mindset, and fitness.

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“DJ’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious for our athletes and coaches. A huge takeaway from the Mindset Advantage workshop was understanding and recognizing 

the green, yellow and red-light performance module. I found it particularly valuable when you had our athletes create their own “release system” to get back to green light mindset, when/if they fall into yellow or red light. The skills and strategies you shared will be beneficial way beyond their high school career. We will continue listening to the Mindset Advantage podcast as a way to keep the momentum at Totino Grace High School. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Mike Smith

Athletic Director at Totino Grace High School


"DJ Hillier brings a professional message while communicating a youthful vibe that connects with high school students. His message on attitude and fitness and how it pertains to performance on and off the court is on point. Students can easily relate to the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the stage."

andy jepson

athletic director at osseo fairchild h.s.


“Since working with DJ on mental performance training we have unlocked mental toughness, confidence, a new perspective on and off the soccer field. The concepts that I have learned from working with DJ have translated into another level of success on the soccer field as an athlete, at school as a student, and in my everyday life as a person. DJ takes a holistic approach to his training by capturing the whole picture, and gives me tools and resources to all facets of life. I’m grateful to DJ as a coach and as a friend going into my senior year and whatever the future holds.”

leah hamilton

lakeville north soccer

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