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Not only did DJ help me recover from a serious injury, he brought me back better than I was before. When I broke my leg, I thought I couldn’t be the player I once was. DJ flipped my way of thinking and turned me into a faster and stronger football player which in turn helped me to get a shot at playing college football.

“As a mom, i’m destined to provide the best for my son, Tommy. The most important lesson I’ve learned throughout my journey of parent hood is: It takes a village. A village of qualified people I entrust to assist me in raising Tommy- Teachers, Trainer, Friends, Pastors, etc. Tommy is passionate about football  and I do not mean as a hobby. Tommy set a goal to play college football and i am extremely proud to say,” goal accomplished!” But this goal would not have been accomplished without the training and support from DJ Hillier. DJ brought qualifications I entrusted to assist Tommy in helping him achieve his goal. THANK YOU, DJ! We will be forever grateful, thankful, and indebted to you for all you have done and continued to do for us. Tommy not only gained a trainer, but also a lifelong friend, brother, and mentor.”

-Kelli F.

"5 years ago I began trining with DJ Hillier. I lacked motivation and had zero self esteem. I decided that I wanted to do CrossFit and was influenced by those around me since I was working at the gym. Walking across the gym floor during a large class going on was terrifying for me. I was scared I would be judged. DJ always told me I can do anything. After his patience and positive support I gained self confidence and took my first CrossFit class. Everyone was supportive and encouraging. I continued to do CrossFit and meet with DJ weekly. I competed in two CrossFit Opens, the Mi5 Games, dropped to a size 4, started eating clean and finally for the first time in my life started to feel good about myself as a Wife and a Mother. I know for a fact that I would have never stuck it out if it wasn't for DJ. There are days you feel like skipping the gym and I am just grateful for him and his persistence to make certain I never give up."

-Jill M.

I’ve been working with DJ since October 2014. Before training with him I couldn’t even do a sit-up. i am now setting PR’s and achieving personal goals on a consistent basis. DJ has been patient and so encouraging when teaching me proper technique and new movements. Not only have I lost 25 pounds , but I have gained confidence and skills I never thought i’d have to get through tough workouts and still having fun doing it.

-Andrea P.

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