"With DJ's amazing encouragement, persistence, and patience I was able to overcome my "can't do" attitude. I never thought that when I started working with DJ that I would find my passion again to go to a higher level of fitness. I am in the best shape of my life at 38, without back pain for the first time in four years."

Matt s.

"I’ve been working out with DJ for almost a year and a half.  In that time, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds (right around 13% of my body weight) and my body fat has been reduced by 20%.  His encouragement, knowledge, and enthusiasm makes the CrossFit workouts highly addictive.  I feel like my accomplishments are every bit as important and possibly more important than his own.
I look forward to seeing DJ at the gym.  His sense of humor and approach make it easy to push myself again and again.  Whenever I have personal challenges, he seems to be able to find a way to help me push past them.  His commitment to his personal fitness and training is inspiring, and he’s always willing to do anything and everything to help everyone else around rise to whatever level they desire."

"Working out with DJ at Mi5 fitness has been a great experience for not only me, but also my team. It has shown us what hard work and discipline is and when you combine both of those you will get the results that you want. DJ was a big contributing factor to our undefeated season and state championship. I plan to continue working out at Mi5 as I move on to the next level of hockey."​

Nick poehling

​lnhs hockey captain

Andrea Pomerleau

"I have been working with DJ since October 2014. Before training with him I couldn't even do a situp. I am now setting new PRs and achieving personal goals constantly. DJ has been patient and so encouraging when teaching me proper movements and new techniques. Not only have I lost over 25 lbs I have gained confidence and skills I never thought I'd have to get through tough workouts and still have fun doing it."
"As a Mom, I'm destined to provide the best for my son, Tommy.  The most important lesson I've learned throughout my journey of parenthood is:  It takes a village...A village of qualified people I entrust to assist me in raising Tommy...teachers, trainers, friends, pastors, etc.  Tommy is passionate about football and I do not mean as a hobby. Tommy set a goal to play college football and I am extremely proud to say "goal, accomplished", BUT this goal could not have been accomplished without the training and support from DJ Hillier. DJ brought qualifications I entrusted to assist Tommy to achieve his goals.  Thank you DJ! - We will be forever grateful, thankful, and indebted to you for all you have done and continue to do for us.  Tommy not only gained a trainer, but a lifelong friend, brother, and mentor."

kelli fleetham

"Since I have been training with DJ, I have seen some serious results that will transfer to football in the fall. Every workout is fun, intense, and constantly varied."

"DJ's knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement has truly helped transform me into a better athlete and has made CrossFit more enjoyable and challenging at the same time. I feel like my successes are important to him and he takes pride in helping his clients reach and exceed their goals. He is a great trainer who will meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be."

"DJ is a very professional and proficient trainer. His knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry compliments his engaging personality. He can cater to all ages and abilities. I would strongly recommend DJ to anyone who wants to improve their personal fitness goals."

Clay Geary

LSHS Football Captain

Chelsea laden

Division 1 Goalie

Bill Welle

WelleFast Elite Sports Training