Hi, my name is DJ Hillier and I have been in and around fitness all of my life. As anyone in the fitness world knows, adversity can challenge one's tenacity. Approaching my junior year of high school, I was hit with adversity when the doctor informed me that I needed surgery to repair my knee. The surgery was a success, but I still needed to go through several weeks of intense training before I could feel the strength and determination for the football season. It was during one of those long rehabalitation sessions that my personal trainer said, "It's YOUR job to work harder than the hardest worker." The quote hit me that I had a direct impact on my physical well-being. While this experience had a few highs and several lows, I found an inner sense of achievement knowing that I battled back. In turn, I knew that I wanted to help others find that inner strength when they are in pursuit of their own fitness goals. It was that defining moment that planted the seed to my fitness career.


  • Conduct body assessment 

  • Provide functional movement screening

  • Create an individual goal plan

  • Design a customized workout program to optimize functional movement

  • ​Periodically track results through fitness assessments 

  • ​Provide information on recommended supplements